Machflow® sensor operated hand dryer M09ACS : material:AISI 304 stainless steel | finish:Satin

The line of Machflow® hand dryers provides important energy savings and an ultra-fast drying. Solutions with an avant-garde design and with four different finishes so that the dryers can easily blend in with the decoration. Its main advantages include:


Minimum waved wire NiCr heating element of 400W, mounted on a mica frame that incorporates a self-resetable thermal cut-off which disconnect the whole appliance. The heating element can be disconnected by means of an ON/OFF switch.

Energy savings

Adjusted for a minimum power of 420W it consumes an average of 1.8 Watts per drying cycle, which achieves an energy savings of greater than 90% with respect to traditional hand dryers (average consumption of 19-20 Watts/cycle).

Adjusted to its maximum power, 1500W, it consumes an average of 4.2 Watts per cycle: these results in an energy savings greater than 80% with respect to traditional dryers (average consumption of 19-20 Watts/cycle).

Ultra-fast drying time

Dries hands in record speed, between 8 and 12 seconds, which is four times faster than traditional dryers and achieves a maximum air outlet speed of 325 Km/ hour.

Caring for the environment

It is estimated that annually the carbon print of a traditional machine an average of 500 Kg of CO2. Using the same annual drying cycles, the Machflow® family consumes an average of 237 Kg of CO2, which represents a 53% annual carbon print reduction.

Minimum noise pollution

Between 68 and 75 dB. In the fast drying sector, Machflow® is one of the models that produce the least amount of noise pollution.

Easy maintenance

The Machflow®  Plug-in technology is an easy, practical, fast and secure system to install and uninstall a hand dryer, making maintenance much more efficient and reducing at the same time its costs.

With the Machflow® Plug-in technology a hand dryer can be installed in only three main steps, it can be replaced in less than 10 seconds thanks to its SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) system, its maintenance can be carried out better at the main¬tenance Fast install/uninstall technology to the wall (optional and by means of a special kit code: KTP009).


Machflow®  hand dryers comply with the most important international quality and safety certifications: GS, EMC, UL, CE, Blue Angel, etc.

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