Veltia V7 300

Veltia’s V7 300 hand dryer is pure innovation.

Thanks to its patented anti-splash system, which works by applying micro-currents of air at high speed, it makes the water come off the hands in a minimum time, of only 10-15 seconds, without the need to move them.

The V7 300 hand dryer includes 1 brush to unclog the dryer drain, thus ensuring proper maintenance.


Veltia V7 Triblade

It has a drying system with three injection lines. Its power is capable to dry your hands in only 8 seconds, being one of the most powerful hand dryers in the market.

The design of the outlet section and the air velocity is studied to offer optimum drying, avoiding water splashes as much as possible.

The V7 Tri-Blade dryer includes 1 brush that helps highlighting the drainage system, thus facilitating its maintenance.

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